2400m² to create, build and share

TechShop : a makerspace and innovation platform

Located in downtown Lille, in a former professional school, this 2400m² workshop was designed to nurture cooperation and sharing, whilst feeding the need of space and concentration of all.

Come and visit TechShop Lille in VR 3D!

A team to support you and your projects

Our projects consultants (Dream Consultants) can be woodworkers, designers, makers… and the will assist you in any workshop in the makerspace.

Eleven workshops into one

  • Conception & Logiciels
  • Textile
  • Plastique et impression 3D
  • Bois
  • Découpe laser
  • Mécanique vélo
  • Céramique
  • Métal, fraisage, soudure
  • Electronique
  • Peinture et finitions
  • Impression (sublimation, UV, traceur découpe...)

A place to learn, discover and be creative

Basic and advanced machine training:

In order to safely use the equipment, you will need to pass a training course. And to make the most of your new skill, we also offer 2D/3D software training programs.

Once you start, you will also build up further skills thanks to our advanced training programs.


For grownups or children, we offer a range of activities in which you will be introduced to one of the workshops and you will make and bring back home an object. An opportunity to learn, have fun and be creative!

Team building sessions:

Come and attend an unforgettable workshop with your teammates..

A venue you can book and customize for your events

We offer venues for private events and companies meetings.

According to your needs, our two rooms can accomodate 18 to 50 people each. Joined, their total capacity is of 70 people.

For any event with more than 70 people, other areas of the makerspace can be offered, contact us!

Fill the form with your project details to received an offer.

A selection of raw materials for your projects

An onsite shop open to all.

You can find a wide range of materials and commodities you can use on the workshop machines.

You will also discover a selection of books, machines or kits you can make at home.

Be inspired by the the materials library

The materials library, will stimulate your imagination through the exposition of items manufactured with materials you can find in the shop.

Besides the inspiration, it will help you check all colors and finishes that are not in stock but available to order.

Le meilleur moyen de comprendre
TechShop est de s’y rendre.

Notre équipe est disponible pour vous faire découvrir le lieu en personne.


Pour les membres,
TechShop est ouvert tous les jours.


30, rue Henri Régnault
59 000 Lille