Discover a unique workshop to build all your projects

A 600m² makerspace to prototype (almost) anything

You're all members of the community !
Share and improve your abilities within the biggest Makers community in France.
All the courses, from training to prototyping, can be considered depending on your needs.

Whether you are...

An independant looking for prototyping tools

A design student working on a project

A manager who wants to try the Agile methods by Doing

A startuper looking for expertises for the development of a project

...TechShop can support you !

Open to all

When entering TechShop, you'll discover spaces to work alone or with your team, computers equipped with professional software, equipped rooms for your corporate events, advice from experts and, of course, equipments (laser, 3D…).

TechShop courses give you autonomy and knowledge !

Master the digital tools and access professional quality equipments.
Sessions in small groupes to be able to use the available equipments and improve your skills on software (Illustrator, Photoshop, Fusion 360…).
Duration: From 2 to 4 hours
Equipment accreditations cost : 30 € / hour (incl. tax)
Software courses cost : 19 € / hour (incl. tax)

Surround yourself with a Pro Team to speed up your projects !

From the idea to manufacturing, discover our solutions. Wether for a prompt need or a big scale project, our team will find innovating solution with you to answer your needs regarding conception, prototyping and manufacturing.

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    • Technical specifications writing
    • Advice on choice and properties of materials
    • Action plan suggestion
    From : 960 € (excl. tax)
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    • Realisation of part of or the whole prototype
    • A dedicated team
      (project manager and technical expert)
    • Technical means
    On quotation
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    • Fast modelling to facilitate decision-making
    • A dedicated companion
    From : 480 € (excl. tax)
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    • Manufacturing criteria definition
      (time, quality, costs...)
    • Resources supply
    • Production of parts
    On quotation
  • Immerse yourself in an innovating ecosystem !

    From the seminar to the "learning expedition", organize your events in the heart of parisian innovation in a real manufaturing workshop !

    Company transformation, intrapreneurship development, time to market and progression from idea to prototype are all subjects TechShop can help you with.

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    Innovating experiences to create as a team

    Design Thinking, Team building, Creative workshops, Learning Expedition...

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    Startuper, Entrepreneur, Techshop member...

    Meet other members, open yourself to the world of tomorrow and share their experience and feedbacks.

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    Experience an informative guided tour of the Workshop and Station F

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    Discover inspiring challenges :

    Leroy Merlin & TechShop, the Makers movement, the design in companies, innovate differently...

  • A selection of materials and commodities for your project: available on site or to order.

    An onsite shop open to all.You will find a selection of raw materials and commodities you will need for your work in the workshop and even some machines you can purchase.

    You will also find a small bookstore and kits you can make at home.

    Be inspired by the the materials library

    The materials library will stimulate your imagination through the exposition of items manufactured with materials you can find in the shop.

    Besides the inspiration, it will help you check all colors and finishes that are not in stock but available to order.

    Le meilleur moyen de comprendre
    TechShop est de s’y rendre.

    Notre équipe est disponible pour vous faire découvrir le lieu en personne.

    Pour les membres,
    TechShop est ouvert :


    5, parvis Alan Türing
    75013 Paris